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The Master of Legislative Laws, or LLM, is a postgraduate degree in law that lasts two years. By conducting in-depth research in a particular area of law, LLM helps students acquire a comprehensive understanding of that area. The Master of Laws program offers a number of specializations, including Criminal Law, International Law, Corporate Law, and Business Law.
Students must pass either a three-year LLB degree or a five-year BA LLB/BSc LLB/BBA LLB degree with 50 to 60 percent aggregate scores to be eligible for LLM. Performance on various law entrance exams, such as CLAT and LSAT, as well as university-level exams, such as IPU CET and DU LLM, are used to determine LLM Admission 2023. NLSIU Bangalore, National Law University Delhi, West Bengali National University of Juridical Science, and others are among the best LLM schools that offer LLM degrees.

Why candidates should do LLM

The importance of taking an LLM course after graduating from a prestigious law school You can start your legal career by taking an LLM
course. Some of the top reasons to take LLM classes are as follows:

  • Prepares for an International Career : Students who earn LLM degrees with a specialization in international law will have the
    opportunity to make their mark on the international stage and eventually pursue a career in the international legal field, ensuring a bright future.
  • Refines Your Interests : The LLM program allows you to concentrate on a single area of study, in contrast to undergraduate law courses that focus on law as a whole. This eventually makes it easier for you to focus on the subject and pay more attention to it, making you an expert at it.
  • Fluctuated Specializations: Students can choose their career from a wide range of specializations in LLM courses, including
    international law, corporate law, labor law, human rights, and more. Pursue a Career in Legal Writing and Research: You can pursue an LLD after an LLM to pursue a career in legal research and writing, depending on the LLM specialization.
  • Better Job Opportunities : You will have more opportunities and a higher salary with an LLM degree than with a bachelor’s degree in law.

Who Should Study an LLM?

The importance of taking an LLM course after graduating from a prestigious law school You can start your legal career by taking an LLM
course. Some of the top reasons to take LLM classes are as follows:

1) To be eligible for the Master of Legislative Laws program, students must have a bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable university and a minimum of 60% overall. They must also pass any of the law entrance exams, such as CLAT, LSAT, AILET, etc.

2) After graduation, students who wish to work in legal writing or become professors at prestigious law schools should think about
taking LLM and LLD courses.

3) The LLM Course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a specialization in addition to a career in law.

4) Studying LLM via distance education is an option that is open to nearly all law students and those working in the legal industry.

LLM: Eligibility

Candidates who wish to pursue a Master of Legislative Law must meet the following requirements:


Must have earned a LLB or Bachelor of Law with at least 50% of the total marks

Age Criteria

• Must be at least 17 years old to pursue a Master of Legislative Law

Dedicated Team of Teachers

 We have a team of experienced and passionate teachers who are dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential.

Priyanka Mohan Panchal


Rajkumar Shivnarayan Tiwari

Qualification - BHMS, LLB, LLM


Education - llm, PhD (waiting for viva)

Prof. Tanuja Panchal

B.Com. LL.m. in Human Rights

Hemanshi Vinod Ahuja

Education:- B.Com, LL.M

Jyoti Jadhav


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